Monday, March 19, 2012

Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

romantic bedroom decorating ideasI thought I would bring you a different article on home remodeling today.  Here are a few ideas on how to make your bedroom more romantic.  We all desire a romantic getaway where we can leave behind the busy life and indulge ourselves in a romantic place where all our senses are sharpened to the beauty of our surroundings and to the love and romance of our company. The good news is that you don’t have to book an expensive flight to a far off tropical destination nor does the excitement have to last for just a short few days or weeks.  Not at all! We will discuss romantic bedroom decorating ideas that you can use to lose yourself in the comfort of your own home.  

Your own private bedroom can be your lasting romantic getaway! 

When creating a romantic mood, visual stimulus is without a doubt the most critical point.  Therefore, one great romantic bedroom decorating idea is to bring the color of love to your bedroom by splashing some vibrant colors such as various shades of red, purple, pink and orange in your bedroom. It is important to note that colors play an important role in setting the right mood and creating excitement. Try to minimize the use of lackluster colors such as white and beige.

The best way to bring these fiery colors to your bedroom is by selecting the appropriate colors for your drapes, bed sheets, pillow cases and comforter.  For instance selecting a darker shade of red for your drapes and powerful designs that includes the same shade of red color in your comforter is an excellent way of bringing the right mood to your bedroom.

Next, selecting bed linens that are smooth and soft along with soft accent pillows and blankets are a great way of setting the right mood.

This feeling is not limited to touching your bed elements but also the floor.  Although you may have a great looking floor, don't hesitate to decorate with a rug.  A great decorating idea here is to select a simple design without too much color for the floor rug so that the attention stays on the more romantic features in the room.

Finally, a crucial element in creating a perfect romantic setting that most people forget, is our sense of smell.  Various scented candles and aromas such as vanilla and fragrant oils are a great way of creating the perfect scent.  You can also arouse the sense using a floral spray that has a touch of jasmine or lavender, just remember to do it sparingly to avoid creating discomfort.

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