Friday, June 29, 2012

Kitchen Cabinets

Exploring Your Door Style Options

The doors can be mounted in different ways, creating a distinct look to certain cabinet collection. The face frame is the part of the kitchen cabinets that make up the foundation. Overlay is the term used to describe how much of the face frame is visible, while the covered portion is referred to as the reveal.
  • Partial overlay is the most common door style option where the doors are mounted on the face frame, leaving one inch of reveal.
  • Full overlay is designed to have the doors almost entirely cover the reveal. Though more common in frameless or “European” kitchen cabinets, this can also be seen in framed cabinet units. Hinges are concealed and less than an eight of an inch is left between one door to another.
  • Inset is as door style option where the doors are attached within the rails and stiles,lying even with the front portion of the cabinet box. However, a common problem with this is that humidity and constant change in temperature can cause rubbing between the stiles and the door.
Kitchen cabinets come in various panel designs that are made more interesting in an endless variety of rich finishes. Your door style options include:
  • Slab – which as the name suggests, display clean lines and simplicity.
  • Recessed panel offers a picture-frame look with its flat panel fixed within a mounting constructed with miter and tenon joints.
  • Raised panel features panels that generally measure between  ½ and ¾ inch in height, creating a bulging quality to the doors. This is then made more dramatic by a routed edge profile, making kitchen cabinets in this door style option truly elegant.
  • Curved panel showcases decorative raised panels that loop upward in gentle arches.
  • The cathedral panel can either be raised or recessed, with a cathedral-type arch crowning the door design.
  • Beadboard panel is typically found in recessed panels and makes use of routed beaded details to achieve a casual country look.
Depending on the architectural style of your home and kitchen, you can choose from different door style options to complement with the rest of the designs and d├ęcor, helping you achieve an overall look and feel that is tasteful. Perfect for modern set-ups, contemporary kitchen cabinets are made distinct by their simple, basic lines that make the collection appear sleek and streamlined. There are also designs that can be used for a variety of architectures from traditional, cottage, transitional or modern kitchens like Shaker and Mission door style.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fun Kitchen Remodeling Tips for the Summer Season

Summer is a wonderful time for remodeling.  Everything looks so gorgeous and vibrant outside so your creativity gets inspired.  And because it’s hot and humid outside you don’t mind working inside one bit!  As an expert in custom home design and construction we have some excellent kitchen design ideas to boost the look of your kitchen this summer.  This article outlines some our ideas on how to make your kitchen extra inviting for you, your family and friends.

Add a new stove
One sure way to revamp your kitchen the summer is to add some new appliances, specifically a brand new stove, preferably one that’s professional grade.  Flank it with some brand-new counter tops and voila! You already have created a beautiful change!

Add an island
One great idea for a new island is to add an island with legs.  That way you have a shelf at the bottom and room to put your legs as you pull up some nice, custom-made stools.  This gives you excellent space as you eat and chat.

Stack your dishes differently
Another way to spruce up your kitchen is to mount a dish rack onto your wall close to your dishwasher.  This is a great way to make mealtimes move more smoothly and to create a nice aesthetic too.

Make breakfast a breeze
Another suggestion: create a special station just for breakfast.  You can add a Tambour door to elegantly conceal a breakfast cupboard, perfect for storing items like your toaster, jug and preserves.

Find a vintage sink
We love blending old with new.  An old vintage sink can be made modern and versatile with a new pair of faucet mounts.

Be particular, but smart with your lighting
When you’re adding new life into your kitchen design think in layers and avoid blasts of light which overwhelm your senses, especially early morning and late in the day.  Have spotlights in strategic parts of the kitchen where you’re tasking the most.

Make food part of your design
Experts say that food is the ultimate accessory so display yours nicely with some glass cabinet doors in your cabinetry.

Install cabinets
Cabinets can be the ultimate design feature in a remodeled kitchen.  Consider modular cabinets for storing bottles of wine and stemware.

Don’t forget the flooring
Much can be changed with a new, renovated kitchen simply by adding new flooring. Options run the gamut these days from eco-friendly products such as bamboo, which is excellent at reflecting light, to luxury flooring such as Walnut.  Engineered wood is excellent in any room where water frequently flashes to the ground. You can also try a rustic look with rustic flagstone.  Black and white checkered tiles can add a retro feel to any kitchen floor.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beat the Heat

Many homeowners have already begun sweating the inevitable increase in their electricity usage that arrives along with warm summer weather. In addition to the longer days and more frequent thunderstorms most regions experience every summer, the Farmer's Almanac is predicting record high temperatures across the country in 2012. The combination of those factors can wreak havoc on a home during summer months, and Power Home Remodeling Group, the nation's fourth largest home remodeling company, offers homeowners tips for protecting both their homes and their wallets by saving energy this summer.
"So many homeowners dread their high energy bills during the summer months without realizing there are a multitude of common sense solutions that can help increase their home's energy efficiency," says Matt Hess, Power's VP of Operations-Installations. "The beauty of these steps is that they are not only extremely simple to implement, but they also defeat the negative effect heat can have on a home — and a wallet."

Power offers the following tips to make your home more energy efficient during the hot summer days and nights:
  • Cut down your AC usage by turning the thermostat up during the daytime hours when no one is home, or consider installing a programmable thermostat.
  • Replace air conditioner filters every month to increase your unit's efficiency and productivity.
  • Use ceiling fans to circulate cool air but remember to turn them off when leaving the room.
  • Plant trees or shrubs to shade AC units, but make sure they don't block the airflow.
  • Run dishwashers and clothes dryers at night to reduce heat production in the home during the hottest hours of the day.
  • Install door sweeps on the bottoms of all doors leading outside so that they lightly graze the existing threshold and keep hot air outside, and cool air in.
  • Place electronic equipment like televisions and computers away from thermostats where the heat they produce could cause the AC to run overtime. Likewise, position the thermostat away from direct sunlight which can cause it to read a higher than actual temperature.
  • Keep shades and blinds closed during the day to block out the sunlight and keep the house cool.
  • Close any AC intake vents that are low to the floor and open those that are high on the wall to ensure warmer air is cycled back into the home through the AC system.
  • On the hottest days of the summer, switch the fan mode on your thermostat from "auto" to "on" to continuously cycle the air and make the temperature on all floors feel consistent.
  • Seek out drafts around kitchen and bath vents, doors, windows and outlet covers with the help of a stick of incense. Light the stick and wave it slowly in front of those areas to see where the smoke is drawn out. Repair any leaks by sealing with caulk or weather stripping and replacing trim.
  • Avoid using the oven on very hot days. Instead, cook using an outdoor grill or microwave.
  • Investing in new doors and energy efficient windows can protect window treatments, floors and furniture from fading due to sun damage. Look for windows featuring Heatshield low-E glass that is much more efficient at keeping heat and humidity at bay.   
  • Swap old lightbulbs out for energy efficient, compact fluorescent bulbs that emit a brighter light and last longer.
  • Secure loose shingles, replace damaged sections of the roof and gutters and clear gutter blockages to prevent ultimate gaps and holes that can lead to leaks and the escape of cool air.
  • If replacing a roof, consider using pale-gray shingles as they will attract less heat than darker shingles.
In addition to these tips, energy and savings-conscious homeowners can conduct a home energy assessment through a do-it-yourself energy review or by hiring a licensed company. By seeking out air leaks and inspecting insulation, lighting and heating/cooling systems, homeowners can easily target the energy-sucking culprits around their homes and determine solutions.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Top 5 Table Lamp Trends From Home Designers

Big and Bold Lamp Bases, Bright Colors, Glass Table Lamps and More are in the Spotlight

Top 5 Table Lamp Trends
Top 5 Table Lamp Trends
Quote startBring a new style to your decorating - the trend in table lamps is to the big, the bold, and the colorful, using glass and metallic finishes.Quote end 

Decorating styles for 2012 have been big, dramatic, and full of rich, vibrant color. The idea is to be unique, grab attention and make a statement. We’ve seen lots of daring color in furniture design, including primary colors in fabrics, Union Jack-themed couches and side tables, and dramatic tables with a steampunk, industrial loft look. Accessories and home accents are just as bold, with chic tones of silver, gold and tangerine tango, the designer color of the year. Not to be left out, a wide range of new designer lamp looks have followed, offering exciting new looks that will add a new brightness to your home decorating. Here are our top 5 table lamp trends for you to explore.

Big and Bold Bases
Lighting designers have gone big and bold with the lamp bases themselves. “The footprint of many lamps has gotten larger over the last couple of years,” says Lamps Plus blogger and designer Marcia Prentice. “The idea is to make the lighting a dramatic and sculptural focal point for the room.” On-trend looks include designs with a carved, antique appearance and organic-shaped bases that mimic forms found in nature. Elaborates Marcia, “To bring in an organic look, I love using big lamps that have a big wooden base or designs that have the look of driftwood or salvaged wood.”

Bright Colors
Fashion often leads the way in the exploiting new color trends. Runway inspired decor makes its presence felt in a range of brightly colored modern table lamps. Cool teal blue, more intense cobalt blue, bright and poppy tones of lavender, and glittering color treatments are all making a splash this year. And then there’s tangerine tango, the Pantone color of the year. “This is a really intense color, so a little goes a long way,” notes Marcia, “but it provides a wonderfully warm and intense blast to spice of bedrooms, seating areas and more.”

Clear Glass and Mirrors
To balance out some of the other big and bold room elements, designers are turning to glass and mirrored lamps. Designer and blog writer Lesley Myrick says that “Glass table lamps offer a clear and pure form that provides sparkle without fighting with other colors or shapes in a room design. With glass lamps, you can see through the body to get a glimpse of the other things going on in the space. They don’t conflict with other things going on.” Mirrored table lamps offer more punch, reflecting textures and colors used throughout a room. “Mirrored lamps are really cool to use in smaller rooms or anywhere you want to add a little splash and dazzle,” says Lesley. Both the glass and mirror offer a taste of the hot Hollywood Luxe design look, a style that draws inspiration from classic Hollywood set design and home styles from the 1930s and 1940s.

Metallic Table Lamps
It’s not just splashy colors and eye-catching glass that’s turning heads. Bold metallic tones of silver and gold are also being used. Observes Marcia, “Metal table lamps offer wonderful texture and glitter. They really make an impact in a room, especially when set against more organic elements or soft wall paint colors.” New designs are even bringing back an old favorite from, the brass table lamp. “Brass is a really appealing metallic tone for lamps,” says Marcia. “I love using them to give an extra layer of richness for a room.”

Custom DIY Looks
With the boom in DIY home projects and Etsy crafting, there’s also a big movement of customizing table lamps to create unique designs. Adding new trim or ribbons to a shade is one easy way to add a little personalization. “I’d also suggest looking at a new finial,” suggests Lesley. The lamp shade finial is the decorative top of the shade. These screw down onto the lamp spider to hold the shade in place. “You can find lots of really unique, inexpensive finials; there’s everything from cool abstract shapes to animals and more.” For those who want more customization, companies such as Lamps Plus offer online tools that allow users to customize existing shade designs “I’m a big crafter, so I love the idea of being able to create my own look to fit the style and mood of the room I’m designing. Anything unique really adds to the appeal of a room space.” Lamps Plus offers a number of customizable designs with the Design Your Own Custom Lighting tool, which is available online, and offers a number of ways to make your own lamp.

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