Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 Tips on How to Avoid Home Repair Scams

Monsoon season has officially hit many parts of the country! Rain falls in buckets, rivers swell and in some extreme cases buildings are flooded. Water damage to homes and businesses will call for costly repairs. It is in the time of small disasters like this that the con artists come crawling out.

In Chicago, many homes were flooded last month and to the despair of the residents many of them were duped into home repair scams. The Better Business Bureau of Illinois caught on and release a few tips on how to avoid being enticed into a scam. Residents all over the country should take these tips into consideration during these months of heavy rain.

  1. Do not hire people who show up at your door offering discounted prices for agreements made that day
  2. Get quotes from multiple contractors to ensure you are getting a reasonable price
  3. Demand a written contract stating the price of the work and exactly what is to be done
  4. Be wary of contractors that demand full compensation up front
  5. Never pay in cash. Paying by credit card will protect you more.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How To "Green" Your Home

As trends come in and out of homes, a rising trend has been to "go green". From the easier fixes of replacing single pane windows with double or to upgrade to solar power. The video below walks you though simple tasks such as replacing your floors with cork to finding ways to reduce the toxins in your house. From painting your walls to "green carpet" this video will turn your home renovations into green ones.