Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making a fabric covered lampshade

Do you have a room that could use a little something extra? Or maybe you have an old lamp in need of a makeover. I found this do-it-yourself tutorial on how to cover a lampshade in a fabric you love. Take a look below, and if you do this, send in your pictures!

Materials Needed:

  • lampshade
  • 3/4 yard of fabric per shade
  • 3 yards of ribbon trim per shade
  • fabric glue
  • temporary fabric pen
  • clean-release tape
  • small paintbrush
  • scissors

Cut Fabric

Place lampshade on front side of fabric. Roll shade along fabric, cutting two inches above and below edges of shade. Once finished, wrap fabric around shade and trim off excess fabric, leaving two inches for overlap.

Glue Fabric to Shade

Run a line of fabric glue along the shade's existing seam and press one end onto glue. Secure end with clean-release tape and allow glue to fully dry for 1/2 hour. Tip: Place new fabric's seam over existing seam for a clean finished product. Holding the loose end, wrap fabric snugly around shade, overlapping the glued end. Temporarily secure excess fabric with clean-release tape to prevent fabric shifting. Fold excess fabric towards inside of shade and mark top edge with a temporary fabric pen. It's best to work on one end of the shade at a time; start with the top side. Remove excess fabric by cutting roughly 1/2-inch beyond the line drawn with fabric pen.

Tuck Cut Fabric Edges

Create a clean edge by folding cut fabric under 1/2-inch and inserting between fabric and shade. Check finished seam as you go to ensure that the amount folded under is even, creating a consistent edge. Run a thin bead of fabric glue between folded fabric and shade. Firmly press fabric into place. Turn shade over and repeat steps five through eight on bottom side of shade.

Create a Finished Side Seam

Remove tape holding excess fabric in place. Turn cut end under 1/2–inch to create a finished edge and secure with glue. Apply glue to underside of finished edge and firmly press onto shade

Embellish With Ribbon

Beginning at side seam and working in small sections, brush fabric glue onto shade's top and bottom edges. Cover glue with ribbon working your way around shade back to seam. Turn under ribbon ends to create a finished edge and glue onto shade.

Finished Product

I hope you enjoy this tutorial found at HGTV. Have fun creating your new lampshades!

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