Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 Tips For Updating Your Kitchen!

In a recent survey, 50% of home owners would update their kitchen out of all the rooms in their house, if they had the money to do so.  Are you one of those 50%?  Is your kitchen in need of a makeover, but you don't have a huge budget in order to make the changes you want?  That's okay!  Check out these 10 ideas for updating your kitchen, which will give it a whole new look, and be easy on your wallet.

 1.  Update your kitchen towels and/or oven mitts!  Adding new, fun and bright colors to your kitchen with towels, mitts or even your kitchen blinds, can change the whole room.  Target or even Walmart carries very bright and fun kitchen towel packs that can brighten a room for around $10.00 for 5.

  2.  If you don't need new towels, how about new table linens?  With the Fall holidays approaching, stores like Pottery Barn and Kohls are carrying beautiful table linens that would add elegance to any table.

3.  Perhaps all your kitchen really needs is a little paint.  Adding paint to one wall -or every wall- in your kitchen can completely change the whole room and make a dull kitchen look brand new.  Don't be afraid to use bright, bold colors!

 4.  Have kids?  How about using blackboard paint for the back splash area above the counter tops?  I've even seen people paint it on the front of old refrigerators to give it new life.  You can write notes to your kids, keep a grocery list, or even have your kids make beautiful masterpieces so they can leave their own mark on your kitchen decor!

5.  Replace your kitchen faucet.  If your budget won't stretch to replacing the entire sink, changing the faucet in your kitchen can give a new fresh look.

6.  Give your kitchen appliances a face-lift!  Try ordering new doors or face panels from the manufacturer of your favorite appliances.  Appliances out dated?  Start replacing them one at a time.  Buy a new toaster one month and a new blender the next.  Many companies are  now coming out with fun colors and designs on their appliances that are really neat and fun.

7.  Update your lighting fixtures.  You can replace ugly outdated fluorescent lighting with track lighting for about $50. Your local Home Depot or Lowes has professionals there to help answer your questions and choose the lighting that would be right for you.

8.  A bowl filled with fruit or a vase filled with fresh cut flowers, placed on your kitchen island, can bring color to the room instantly!

9.   Update door hardware.  Door knobs typically sell for $2-$5 ea.,  so you could easily replace any outdated hardware on your cabinets for under $100!

10.  Another way to completely change the look of your kitchen, is to paint your cabinets!  If the doors are in great shape but you don't like the outdated oak finish, consider painting them for a completely different look.  Black and white are colors that would work with anything, but painting them bright yellow or red, could be completely fun and brighten the whole room and be just the change you need!

I hope you like the fun ideas for brightening and changing your kitchen on a budget!  If you have any ideas not listed, please share them in the comments, I would love to see them and share with readers!  If you haven't read Remodeling Hell which tells the story of building my dream home which turned into a 2 year nightmare, be sure to check it out!  My book has additional money saving ideas for you, and will walk you through my experience offering lessons on what to do and not do when building or remodeling your home!   Click HERE to order now! 

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