Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fun Kitchen Remodeling Tips for the Summer Season

Summer is a wonderful time for remodeling.  Everything looks so gorgeous and vibrant outside so your creativity gets inspired.  And because it’s hot and humid outside you don’t mind working inside one bit!  As an expert in custom home design and construction we have some excellent kitchen design ideas to boost the look of your kitchen this summer.  This article outlines some our ideas on how to make your kitchen extra inviting for you, your family and friends.

Add a new stove
One sure way to revamp your kitchen the summer is to add some new appliances, specifically a brand new stove, preferably one that’s professional grade.  Flank it with some brand-new counter tops and voila! You already have created a beautiful change!

Add an island
One great idea for a new island is to add an island with legs.  That way you have a shelf at the bottom and room to put your legs as you pull up some nice, custom-made stools.  This gives you excellent space as you eat and chat.

Stack your dishes differently
Another way to spruce up your kitchen is to mount a dish rack onto your wall close to your dishwasher.  This is a great way to make mealtimes move more smoothly and to create a nice aesthetic too.

Make breakfast a breeze
Another suggestion: create a special station just for breakfast.  You can add a Tambour door to elegantly conceal a breakfast cupboard, perfect for storing items like your toaster, jug and preserves.

Find a vintage sink
We love blending old with new.  An old vintage sink can be made modern and versatile with a new pair of faucet mounts.

Be particular, but smart with your lighting
When you’re adding new life into your kitchen design think in layers and avoid blasts of light which overwhelm your senses, especially early morning and late in the day.  Have spotlights in strategic parts of the kitchen where you’re tasking the most.

Make food part of your design
Experts say that food is the ultimate accessory so display yours nicely with some glass cabinet doors in your cabinetry.

Install cabinets
Cabinets can be the ultimate design feature in a remodeled kitchen.  Consider modular cabinets for storing bottles of wine and stemware.

Don’t forget the flooring
Much can be changed with a new, renovated kitchen simply by adding new flooring. Options run the gamut these days from eco-friendly products such as bamboo, which is excellent at reflecting light, to luxury flooring such as Walnut.  Engineered wood is excellent in any room where water frequently flashes to the ground. You can also try a rustic look with rustic flagstone.  Black and white checkered tiles can add a retro feel to any kitchen floor.

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Article source: jdouglashomes.com

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