Monday, April 9, 2012

Women Leading the Way in a Man's World

    34t43t43t:   Justine Wood, of Justine Wood InteriorsWhile DIY may be traditionally seen as a man's work, a new survey says roles are being reversed with women leading the way and showing up their other halves' handy-work.

    The survey by the AA's Home Emergency Response Service has revealed men are losing their traditional DIY skills as more women step up and take over around the home.

    Young men are now less than half as likely to perform the tasks their fathers and grandfathers could, like rewiring a plug or bleeding a radiator. The findings show 35 per cent of men aged 18-24 can no longer change a light bulb, compared to 29 per cent of women the same age. It also states that women aged 18-24 are more competent than males of the same age at assembling flat pack furniture – 64 per cent against 54 per cent. Women are also catching up at hanging wallpaper, patching holes in a wall, and replacing locks.

    It seems this trend has been gathering momentum for some time, with females working professionally in male-dominated industries, including plumbing, construction and electrics.

    Justine Wood, 40, has been running her own successful painting and decorating business in Cheltenham for 14 years. After working several different jobs, she ended up painting almost by accident, but soon found her services in high demand.

    "I was taking a gap year and needed to earn some cash, so I started with the painting and decorating, and before I knew it I was working full-time.  It was quite unusual and people were surprised to see me at first, but in the last seven or eight years people don't seem to mention it," she said.

    Justine believes she brings things to the job which male firms cannot, and that there are many benefits to hiring a woman to work around the home.

    She said: "It's all about attention to detail, taking care and knowing you're working in somebody's home, not just a site. Where we come through is in applying those finishing touches, the little things that others may miss, and communication is important – letting people know what's happening as we go, rather than just turning up and getting on with things."

    Do you agree?  Do you think DIY repairs are no longer just a man's world?

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