Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Home Safety - Security Doors

Security Doors – Safety and beauty combined
Christmas begins now for burglars and runs through May.  It’s also the best time to discourage those unwanted thieves from stealing our stuff!  Part of the problem is associated with needed security upgrades to patio and exterior doors.  The days are gone when heavy-duty security doors looked like they belonged in the back alley of a warehouse district.  Today’s versions can be as beautiful as your imagination and wallet allow.

Front, Back, Side Doors
Often, high-quality exterior security doors are made of steel, and these manufacturers insist their product is best.  But a leading consumer group says its tests of steel, wood and fiberglass show all three can be effective as security doors.
The consumer organization says results of testing front doors revealed this:  “our tests with a battering ram have shown little difference in strength among door materials.  All eventually failed because the doorjamb split near the lock’s strike plate…”  In other words, the locked and associated hardware failed before the door did.
Before buying any security door, be aware of its warranty, reliability, endurance, security and maintenance.  Also check whether the security door meets secure by design standards.
In summary, quality security doors can be made of several materials, but you cannon skimp on the locks and hardware associated with them.

Screen Doors
There seems to be little argument that security screen doors should be made of steel or very heavy-duty aluminum.  You can use either to keep the bugs out, but steel is harder than aluminum.  So if you’re set on aluminum for security, make sure it’s more than a typical, off-the-shelf model.

Sliding Doors
Exterior sliding glass doors are a burglar’s favorite anyway.  They typically do not have strong locks, and may be able to be lifted out.  As with any security door, sliding doors often provide features, (and cost more), designed specifically to deter thieves.  Some examples: Double security doors to prevent lift out, perforated steel screens, and oversize locks.  One example can be found at: www.ideasiniron.com/patio-security-door

Security Tips:
If you cannot afford significant purchases, here are some low-cost suggestions to make your home more secure:
  • ·         Place a wooden dowel or steel pipe along the sliding door track to prevent the door from being opened from the outside.
  • ·         Install double key locks in doors that contain glass.  This will keep a burglar from opening the door by breaking the glass and reaching through.
  • ·         Place additional locks on all windows and patio doors.  Choose the right locks.  Spending a bit more on locks is recommended.
  • ·         Beef up existing window locks by inserting removable eyebolts in holes drilled into the sash where they overlap.
  • ·         Illuminate areas around doors, windows, and blind spots.
  • ·         Landscape wisely.  Tall foundation plants or high fences can provide cover for criminals. 

Note: For home security windows, try this helpful website http://www.crimedoctor.com/home-security.htm

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*article from Arizona Interactive Media


  1. Spending a bit more on locks makes more sense than putting all of your property and family's safety at risk. Having a surveillance camera mounted on your home would also be wise if you do have extra bucks for that.

    Harvey Shepherd

  2. Here's another tip to ponder on when opting to install a security system in your house. Make sure that your security cameras are completely hidden from the view of the people, so that those who plan to break in to your home can't deactivate it. On the other hand, when installing a security alarm, make sure that it is completely visible, so that burglars and thieves would think twice before breaking in to your home.

    Fernando Severns