Saturday, May 7, 2011

Four Innovative Design Styles

As home owners are planning their home renovations, they should consider the current trends. Below are four of the more popular trends for 2011 in home decorating.

Bold Color:
Color can make a more traditional piece look fresh and new. The new American way uses dynamic color paired with sensibility. Together, it will bring a mixture of elegance and vibrance to a room.

Gathering Place:
Many families tend to gather in the kitchen of a home. This being said, the newest trends for kitchens, involve creating a cozy family space. It is a cross between a coffee house and a cocktail lounge. It is comfortable and versatile, informal for family dinners but chic enough for a dinner party.

Soft Modern:
Industrial and severe is out and the softer side is in. The newest trends include clean lines and geometric shapes. It involves organic materials and handcrafted details. Soft modern brings in trends from the kitchen as a gathering place and is considered warm and tactile.

Mixed Design Styles:
The final trend includes a mix of design styles. A coherent assemblage of different styles from different periods of time. It has an air of improvisation, such as blending coastal, modern and antique.


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