Monday, April 18, 2011

5 Remodeling Myths Revealed

Many home owners find themselves in need of renovating parts of their homes. Whether it be dated cabinets or mismatched hardware, updating a home can almost always encourage a larger resale value. Unfortunately, there are some myths surrounding home renovation that owners should be aware of before entering into a project.

Myth: Any remodel is a good one
Fact: Most home owners think that any remodeling project for a home is a good one yet this may not necessarily be true.

Not every home remodeling project is beneficial. It is important for home owners to research how the renovation will effect their home and weigh their options before entering into an expensive and timely project.

Myth: Interior improvements are better than exterior ones
Fact: Just because we spend most of our quality time indoors does not mean that the outside should be ignored. Both the interior and exterior are equally important.

Myth: Always follow the latest design trends
Fact: Many house owners think it’s a good idea to always fit in with the latest design trends. Home owners should try to think more carefully about how the remodel fairs in the future.

Flat roofs are among today’s common roof design trends but the engineer says that although this is fashionable, flat roofs may not be fashionable in ten years. Also, flat roofs do not fair well and are not safe for areas with large amounts of rain.

Myth: Cracks in walls indicate big problems
Fact: Most cracks are a result of expansion and contraction and are a sign of structural failure, especially if a proper dump proof course was not used while constructing the foundation of the structure. The expansion and contraction is natural for many houses and in most cases once the crack is fixed the problem is solved. However, if the crack continues to expand there could be a structural or foundation problem.

Myth: Retail hardware shops are cheap and better places to buy home improvement materials
Fact: When it comes to buying small hardware like bolts and locks, retail hardware shops offer a wide selection to choose from.

However, when it comes to large scale home remodeling projects, retail hardware shops may not be the best place. Home owners should consider consulting a construction professional as well. Some materials found in most retail hardware shops are substandard; only a construction engineer or material testing laboratories can rule out counterfeit products.

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