Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feng Shui Home Renovation Tips

When remodeling your home consider following feng shui tips. Feng shui allows the home to have a balanced space for each family member.

Feng shui allows those who use it to attain positivity in their homes and lives. The focus of this Chinese philosophy is to control the flow of energy. When using this concept it will help home owners to arrange their rooms and furniture in a way that will help to gain positive energies in the home. Below are four tips to help home owners utilize feng shui.
1. Balanced space for each family member:
It is important to establish balance in spaces such as the children's bedroom. Children's rooms should be of equal size. This will avoid fights of inequality between the children. Using this technique will also establish an equal amount of love among the children.

2. Location of the kitchen:
The kitchen is the heart of the house, meaning the location of the kitchen is a vital part of the house. In order to achieve a positive flow of energy the kitchen should not be seen directly after entering through the front door or from a bedroom. It should be more centrally located.

3. Figure out the lighting:
Another essential of feng shui is lighting. When performing a home renovation, consider the lighting and the arrangement of the lighting fixtures. Focus on areas inside the house that is not endowed with natural light. This will help to light your house evenly.

4. Know the basics of feng shui:
Familiarize yourself with other aspects of feng shui, such as ba-gua. Ba-gua helps to analyze the energy of a certain space while using feng shui. Also, consider introducing five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Be aware of the colors that fall within these elements, such as red, orange and pink which are fire colors.


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