Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 Bathroom Remodeling Tips

In effort to stay current with the trends, the most common room to be remodeled is the bathroom. This is because, many bathroom remodeling projects are relatively easy and inexpensive in comparison to other room remodels. Below are eight, economical tips to consider when remodeling your bathroom.

• If you are looking into a bath tub replacement, first consider reglazing the tub. This can save you more than half the cost of a tub replacement and is a much cleaner, quicker project.

• If you are replacing or adding a tub surround, consider cultured marble sheets. It will save you money on the installation costs and marble sheets are easier to clean.

• If you have limited space and are hoping to create more room, there are multiple options for you. Try purchasing a jetted tub and shower combination. Also you can use a pedestal lavatory instead of a vanity cabinet with a sink. Both options will open up the bathroom.

• If you are planning to add a large jetted tub to your bathroom, you may also want to consider adding a water heater dedicated to that tub. Large tubs can hold up to an average of 75 gallons or more of water. This can overextend your existing water heater and cause problems in the future.

• One of the most important pieces of advice, is to gain as much knowledge as possible. Know your options, develop a plan and research ways to execute it. If you plan to use a contractor, get multiple bids and check the credibility of the contractor.

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  1. Great blog! I wish I had found this post before I began my Bathroom Remodeling in New Jersey!! I hired a contractor and the two bathroom project cost way more money than I had previously expected! Wish I knew these money saving tips prior to my decision, thanks for the great post!

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  4. One frugal tip that I can add is to avoid buying new items if possible. Consider refinishing existing furniture that can still function like bath tubs, sinks, or tiles. Sometimes, all we need are creative ideas to make a dull bathroom transform into a terrific one. :]

    - Terence Watthens