Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Three Tips About Kitchen Remodeling

It's one thing to read about the remodeling process but it's a different thing entirely to have first-hand knowledge about kitchen remodeling from people who have done it themselves. Below are some top tips for kitchen remodeling given by men and women who have been through the process.

Add 15% to your total
No matter how specific or detailed your budget is for a kitchen remodel, you can almost guarantee it will be more expensive.   Add on 15% to your estimate to make sure you are able to complete the whole project without meeting additional financing.

Choose Value Over Cost
Just because something is cheaper initially doesn't mean it will make a good material choice.  Opt for the best building materials you can find and expect them to last much longer than cheaper choices.

Add More Lighting
Many kitchen remodelers mention that they wish they had more lighting, so avoid that regret and add plenty to begin with.  Under the kitchen cabinet is a particular favorite.

By following these three helpful tips from veteran remodelers, you too can have a kitchen remodel that goes smoothly! With products from leading manufacturers at savings up to 50% off,  there are many ideas for home improvement that will make a big difference in your design.

For additional tips you can order your copy of Remodeling Hell by clicking here and


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