Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kitchen Trends for 2012: Old World out, Simplicity in

FaceYourKitchen.com has compiled a list of kitchen designs predicted to be the biggest trends of 2012.

FaceYourKitchen.com, a website dedicated to kitchen remodeling and cabinet refacing, released a new article today, which features the newest kitchen trends for the upcoming year. Kitchens are where family and friends come to cook, eat and socialize and “2012 Kitchen Design Trends,” offers expert predictions on where kitchen design is headed and which materials will continue to be in vogue.
Home design experts predict that 2012 is going to be an exciting year for kitchen design because homeowners want more creativity in their homes and are becoming more thoughtful in their decision-making. To begin a kitchen overhaul, homeowners shouldn’t be afraid to dispose of anything from the last two decades, especially Old World kitchen styles with heavy molding. Instead, FaceYourKitchen.com suggests that homeowners embrace new materials, like counter tops made out of quartz, glass and wood, which can vary in style, shape and color.
“It’s interesting to see just how much kitchen styles have evolved over the years,” said Patricia Davis Brown, award-winning designer and FaceYourKitchen.com contributor. “As we move into 2012, the overall trend is to keep it simple, energy-efficient, and comfort-oriented. De-clutter, go natural, lighten up and make it work for you and your household.”
"Green design" will also become a standard request this year. Designers recommend homeowners choose to use energy efficient items like compact fluorescent bulbs because they use two-thirds less energy than those who do not. For those who do decide to “go green” FaceYourKitchen.com suggests working with a professional lighting designer, who can help introduce modern technology fixtures and more energy saving items.
“When it is time to revamp the kitchen work space, FaceYourKitchen.com has everything needed to guide homeowners during the process from design ideas, cabinet styles and colors, countertops and contractors to hire,” said Brown.

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*Article from PRWeb.com

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