Monday, March 7, 2011

How to Use Lighting

Fluorescent lighting is made in many different levels of brightness. Each level is acceptable in different areas and arenas. For decorating purposes it is important to match the light color and level of brightness to the home or business. Fluorescent lighting color is described by the Kelvin rating or how cool or warm the light is. There are six different levels of fluorescent lighting and all are listed below with suggestions for rooms to use the levels in.

• 2700
This level is a warm white and a lower level of brightness. Lighting at the 2700 level should be used in private rooms in the home, counseling offices and restaurants. It presents a more intimate level of lighting and promotes trust.

• 3000
Lighting of 3000 Kelvins are called soft whites and mostly used in home furnishing stores and waiting rooms. This type of lighting allows for people to feel comfortable, but is less intimate that lighting at 2700 Kelvins.
• 3500
This lighting is in the middle of warm to cool lighting and should be used in commercial, retail stores and offices. This color temperature performs well when paired with a silver lens. It will brighten the flatness of the fluorescent light.

• 4100
This level begins the cool white lighting. This temperature represents the lighting of an overcast, winter day. This level is not often used.

• 5000
The 5000 Kelvins lighting is most used in hospitals, laboratories and doctors office. The lighting is crisp and harsh.

• 6500
This is the bluest and coldest of the lighting. The 6500 level of lighting used mainly in jewelry and accessory stores where specific and minute details of the product need to be seen.

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