Sunday, October 31, 2010

Home Renovation Paint Colors of 2011

For many home owners, large scale home renovations are not an option. According to the Quarterly Paint Institute there are three color trends will drive 2011. Paint provides home renovators with the means to revamp their houses inexpensively. By incorporating a few new paint colors, either as accent walls or throughout a room, home owners will be able to enhance their living spaces economically with paint.

This color set provides versatility and allows homeowners to quickly change the look of a room just by adding a few new accessories, without spending time and money to remodel or repaint again. Neutrals are the most practical remodeling choice. These colors include warm whites, tawny tans, light corals and greens.

Blues are predicted to grow in popularity as not just a wall color but also as a ceiling choice. Blues from across the spectrum, from dark denim to light blue-greys will find their ways into homes. The color blue is calming and will help to relieve stress. Good secondary colors include yellow or yellow-green and will add energy in open, family spaces.

Shimmers and Shines:
Higher paint sheens and metallic finishes are also predicted to be popular for 2011. Spaces such as hallways and living areas can be painted in a very glossy hue. The more gloss in a paint color will mean more reflectivity which means more light. Gloss will create a brighter, more upbeat mood in a home, while adding style.


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