Monday, September 13, 2010

Home Renovations Gone Wrong

Home remodeling can be used to improve the value of your home, but it is important to research how the renovations will effect the value. Valuable home renovations include revamping a bathroom or upgrading a kitchen. These will increase the amount you see in return when you sell you house. Then there are the renovations that will destroy the possibility of an increase.

Possible home remodelers need to research the possibilities and the advantage to remodeling a space. In some occurrences it will cause home owners to fall into foreclosures. Remodeling Hell has current and "money back" remodeling suggestions.

Bad home renovations include a three bedroom house being converted into a one bedroom house in Los Angeles. One of the three bedrooms was made into a recording studio, a common habit in the Los Angeles area. Unfortunately, the second bedroom was made into a closet. This left the house with one bedroom intact, while this may have been perfect for the previous owner, there is not a large desire for one bedroom houses.

The second, a more extravagant remodeling faux pas, involves a moat and drawbridge being added to the house. The house eventually for fell into foreclosure and was then bought by a bank. The moat, gargoyles and drawbridge decreased the value of the home exponentially. These renovations caused the house to be uneven.

Another terrifying renovation happened in Nashville. A husband left both his wife and unfinished wall renovations. He left his wife with a plastic wall.

Again research how the renovations will affect the value of your home to decide whether your remodel project is a good idea.

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