Friday, June 25, 2010

5 Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen

Have you heard the one about the kitchen remodel in New Jersey that went nightmarishly wrong? A couple hired and prepaid a "contractor" to help renovate their kitchen. The couple had grand plans of transforming their outdated into something from the pages of Home and Garden Magazine. Only problem, the "contractor" had different plans.

After the couple lost contact with the "contractor", they discovered he was not who said he was. According to the New Jersey district attorney, the man the couple hired not only did not plan to accomplish the job he was hired to perform, he also lied about being a certified contractor.

This is just one of the horror stories that happens every day. In order to keep yourself from falling victim to these scams you need to be prepared when picking which contractor to hire. In my free Remodeling Hell Salvation Guide I list 25 important questions to ask when choosing a contractor.

All are important, but the first five are:

1. How long have you been in the business?
2. Can you provide me with a list of references of jobs you've completed similar to mine?
3. What percentage of your business is repeat business?
4. Have you done work in my area before?
5. How many other jobs will you be working on simultaneously with mine?

To find out the other 20 important questions and other ways to avoid Remodeling Hell check out my free Remodeling Hell Salvation Guide (link to site).

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