Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It had occured to me that no one needs to lose as much sleep or money as I did when I remodeling my home. An extensive remodeling guide, "Salvation" is located in the back of Remodeling Hell. Thirty seven pages of sound avice and suggestions to cutting the crap and keeping on track.
To create my dream house I both remodeled an existing home and constructed a signifigant new additon. I took away many lessons that apply to both experiences. When I began, I had no resources or no book I could consult. I learned every lesson the hard, and usually, the expensive way. These lessons/ideas can save you money, grief and time. They can make the process, if not exactly enjoyable, then at least not miserable! You will be able to check the quality of constuction and hopefully recognize mistakes when you see them. Follow these lessons and you will end up with a better house. Even if you have no previous experience in construction or remodeling, these can be enormously useful. I don't pretend I learned every lesson, but it's a handy collection.
Happy building!

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