Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The first in the series....

This blog is for passionate readers, writers, and any and all who are seeking respite from their own remodeling, autograph, or fill-in-the-blank personal hell. This blog will offer tips and tricks to help you escape the pitfalls of various hobbies and professions - potentially saving you thousands of dollars. Not to mention many a sleepless night.

I got the idea for my first book, AUTOGRAPH HELL, in the middle of a crisis. When a prized autograph of President George Washington turned out to be fake, I was stunned. I am an illustrious, informed autograph collector, how could this happen to me? Not wanting to let this happen to someone else, I decided to research fakes and frauds. The book starts at the beginning of autograph collecting and takes you through a world filled with falsified documents and counterfeit signatures - most of which are "authenticated" by autograph experts who control this multi-million dollar business. Both enlightening and disturbing, this non-fiction book exposes the rampant treachery in the world of autograph collecting.

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